Marvel Machine


This trio, coming from Trondheims famous jazz study, is getting the honor of being the first release from the new label Gigafon. Marvel Machine consists of young, up-and-coming, new millenia jazzmusicians that together has nurtured a common interest for direct, immediate and effective improvisation.

Petter Vågan – Guitar 

Rune Nergaard – Bass 

Henning Carlsen – Drums 


The members are children of their time and bring rock, electronica, pop and punk through the pop format into their own special blend of jazz and improvising.

These young gentlemen has already started leaving their mark on norwegian jazz through bands like Bushmans Revenge, Vertex, Team Hegdal, Tore Brunborgs Scent of Soil, Juxtaposed and several editions of Trondheim Jazzorkester, and will continue to push the boundaries on norwegian jazz for years to come.

Volt/Revolt is a fully improvised record trying to sound like a thoroughly composed record. This method gives it a deep sense of spontaneity and vibrance. Marvel Machine is trying to force the rigid pop format on freely improvised music partly to bridge the gap between these artforms, but mainly to satisfy their own selfish needs. They´ve succeded with both.