Gigafon is a recently established, forward-looking label that will release music in the jazz/improvisation-field. Forward-looking both because the main emphasis will lie on high definition, downloadable music files, distribution through the internet and small physical editions, and because the music released will be innovative, fresh and creative.


Gigafon was founded by the musicians Gard Nilssen and Petter Vågan because of a burning desire to gather and release quality music within the jazz/impro-field amongst todays young musicians. Colleague and friend Rune Nergaard is involved as a cover-designer. The physical distribution is left to Musikkoperatørene, the best distribution in Norway today. We also recommend you to download the music from Gubemusic.com in high definition.


Gigafon will function as an easy way to find new quality music from Norway (at least for now) whenever you feel the radio fatigue setting in.