Monsters and Puppets


-Lo-fi rock meets electronica and free improvisation-


Monsters and puppets is a new lineup who got together after being asked to play a duo set at Molde jazz festival in Norway. It worked out so well that the duo went straight into the studio for a few days and recorded an album of freely improvised music.

Maria and Thomas have been playing together since 1997 and their communication is very strong. The whole recording is made without any plans, sketches or prearranged framework; all is freely improvised with no overdubs.

The duo draw influences from rock, noise, electronica to free- jazz and is bound together by a strong nerve and close communication.

Their self-titled debut comes across as a concept-album and moves about in a strongly visual soundscape, where Monsters and Puppets conjures up atmospheres that just as easily directs your thoughts towards David Lynch as to the underlying musical structures.

Maria Kannegaard is one of the leading Norwegian piano and el- piano players as well as jazz composers. She has a distinguished, easily recognizable dark voice and is heard in her own trio Maria Kannegaard trio (Jazzland Records), Maryland (with Per Jørgensen), duo with Siri Gjære and her synthband Billy Fy with Ingrid Lode.

Thomas Strønen is one of Norway´s most prolific drummers, known from his involvement with Humcrush (with Ståle Storløkken), Meadow (with John Taylor),Pohlitz (solo) and his ECM recording band Food. (with Iain Ballamy). Thomas also plays in Maria Kannegaard Trio. He is a melodic type of drummer and focuses on large forms, sounds and communication, playing both acoustic music and a set up with live electronics such as samplers and sound effects.