BOL/Westerhus/Snah in All About Jazz

Norwegian trio Bol has always been a melting pot of untimely sound worlds, poetic texts and fearless, improvising character. Vocalist Tone Åse experiments with live electronics and subtle interpretations of poems, as she did on her recent collaboration with drummerThomas Strønen, Voxpheria (Gigafon, 2012). Keyboardist Ståle Storløkken evokes progressive rock symphonies with his usage of vintage synthesizers, […]

BOL/Westerhus/Snah in MilkFactory

The mercurial affair that is Numb, Number results directly of its many parts, bringing together BOL, an improv trio formed of vocalist Tone Åse, keyboardist Ståle Storløkken, a regular with Supersilent, Elephant9 or Humcrush alongside Thomas Strønen, and drummer and percussionist Tor Haugerud, with guitarists Hans Magnus ‘Snah’ Ryan, known as one half of Motorpsycho, and Stian […]

Numb, Number in Nordische Musik

Numb, number (2012, Gigafon GIGA006) Whew! Disparate is not the word! To begin, we still out of hinted-bulky Blue singing into error, followed by a song track from intangible electronic debris – and in song number 3, just the only one from the pen of the famous for beaten keyboard improvisers Ståle Storløkken, you have to jump to […]

BOL/ Westerhus/ Snah – Dagsavisen

« When the guitarists Hans Magnus «Snah» and Stian Westerhus meet up with Bol-band Tone Åse, Ståle Storløkken og Tor Haugerud, what happens?   «Numb, Number» is the result where Tone Åse as the trendsetting voice in the norwegian vocal-landscape uses lyrics by E.E Cummings, Rolf Jacobsen and Olav H.Hauge. All in english translations and […]

BOL / Westerhus / Snah – Side 2

Separately and together we´re dealing with some of Norway´s furthermost creative and searching musicians – musicians that couldn´t care less about genres and labels. That´s probably why most of the music they make turns out unique, exiting and cool.»