Cortex – Jazzwise

This debut from a young Norwegian quartet bursts into action with a braying, Ayler-esque tenor fanfare —an opening salvo that signals an aesthetic kinship with iconic mid-1960s New Thing recordings. Sure enough, it’s easy to hear echoes of Don Cherry’s high cornet whinnies in Thomas Johansson’s trumpet, and tracks like ‘Endorphin’ perfectly capture that declamatory, […]

Cortex – All About Jazz

Norway’s Cortex released its highly promising debut,Resection (Bolage), in 2011. The members of this high-octane quartet met during jazz studies in Trondheim, and began working as a band in 2007. Cortex follows the free jazz legacy of Ornette Coleman quartet with trumpeter Don Cherry, spicing it with wise, original compositions and uncompromising performances inspired by fellow powerful Scandinavian outfits […]

Cortex – Göteborg – Dagbladet

A year and a half after the debut “Resection”, Cortex is back with the sequel, in so many words named “Göteborg” after the city where it was recorded. The fresh and kicking quartet still consist of Thomas Johansson, Kristoffer Berre Alberts, Ola Høyer and Gard Nilssen, and they take no hostages where they´re seething and […]

Cortex – Göteborg – Dagsavisen

Cortex II   “Flying start for Cortex” the title read last year when the band opened the jazz year with the album “Resection”, and it hasn´t slowed down since, every time the busy musicians have cleared their schedule for get on stage together. We´re talking about the band started by trumpet player Thomas Johansson in […]