Marvel Machine

Volt/Revolt in Nordische Musik

With the debut album recorded in 2009, the trio Marvel Machine Gard Nilssen and Petter Vågan started Gigafon as “forward-thinking label” for “innovative, fresh and creative music in jazz and improvisational field.” Rune Nergaard is responsible for the absurd and bizarre cover designs. With the option to acquire the albums directly as downloads from the website would Gigafon “provide an easy […]

Marvel Machine – Jazznytt

With a hotchpotch of impro, electronica, metal of the heavy kind and with the electric bass tuned down a few fourths the new development “Marvel Machine” effectively clears away everything that stands in it´s way. The three confident jazzcomets from the Jazz course in Trondheim improvises forth an energetic album,  that sets out to find […]

Marvel Machine – Milk Factory

“While they alternate between moments of sheer energy and gentler, more introspective pieces, this record’s overall feel is one of incredible intensity and vigor.”

Marvel Machine – Aftenposten

“It is a demanding exercise to further develop the language within the rich gitartrio tradition and tell us something new, but that´s exactly what Marvel Machine displays the ability to do.”

Marvel Machine – Jazzdimensions (DE)

“The manner of change and confusion these three Norwegians can do to “Volt / Revolt”, is monstrous. You can hardly classify what note comes from what source. Although there are artists who work similarly in the Techno scene, as for instance Aphex Twin or Squarepusher, Marvel Machine doesn´t sound like modern electronic music either.”

Marvel Machine – Downtown Music Gallery

«Featuring Petter Vagan on guitar, Rune Nergaard on bass and Henning Carlsen on drums, with all three doubling on electronics. The fine Norwegian trio includes guitarist Petter Vagan who has played here at DMG and has worked with the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Bassist Rune Nergaard is also a member of Bushman’s Revenge who have a […]

Marvel Machine – Dagsavisen

Stemming from the Jazzcourse in Trondheim the musicians have left their mark on a number of bands from Bushmens Revenge to Trondheim JazzOrchestra, and maybe, with this album, they get their revenge on all of them

Marvel Machine – Dagbladet

“Their expression breaks off from conventional melodics/harmonics without compromise and instead they build free and rough sonic lapses. «Rimrocked» sounds like an electronic raga, other times Marvel Machine tightens their grip in backbeat and distorted outbursts that will inspire, fascinate or repell, depending on who´s listening. Potent stuff, but obsessive melodics and swingaddicts are hereby warned.”