Monsters and Puppets

Monsters and Puppets – Side 2

Maria Kannegaard and Thomas Strønen are two highly uncompromising musicians. “Monsters and Puppets” stands as another shining example of this fact. Cool, different and highly personal.”

Monsters and Puppets – Dagbladet

Like in all freejazz/impro, this is music that reveals itself only after listening to it with so much concentration that a sense of logic and order emerges from what meets the ear. Strønen is also the drummer of Maria Kannegaard Trio, and the pair knows eachothers musical behaviour well enough to communicate seamlessly with nuance and with sonic exitement in this partly abstract soundscape where the energy is the big common denominator and no sound necessarily what is first appears to be.»

Monsters and Puppets – Dagsavisen

«Monster Duo»   «On her way to Kongsberg Jazzfestival where Maria Kannegaard Trio and guests will be playing her «awardwinner» concert this thursday, pianist Kannegaard and drummer Thomas Strønen have released their first album as the duo Monsters and Puppets. Launched as «lo-fi rock meets electronica and free improvisation». The recording is done in the […]

Monsters and Puppets – Milk Factory (UK)

At its most minimal, it is wonderfully introspective, while at its most intense, it teems with energy, but, whatever the mood, the pair maintain the tension pretty much all the way through and manage create an instant improv classic.»