Petter O Hanna – Monsieur Delire

Petter O Hanna is duo consisting of Petter Vågan and Hanna Gjermundrød. This is their second opus, out four years after their debut on FMR. Delicate improvisations, mostly guitar and vocals, but both musicians are multi-instrumentalists. Pure voice, treated voice, acoustic guitar, textural guitarscapes, trumpet, electronics – each song introduces new elements, yet the whole […]

Petter O Hanna – All About Jazz

One of the best releases of improvised music of 2012 was by Norwegian duo of innovative vocal artist Sidsel Endresen and guitarist Stian Westerhus, Didymoi Dreams (Rune Grammofon). Now another Norwegian duo of like-minded, genre-blind guitarist Petter Vågan and vocalist Hanna Gjermundrød present their own personal variation on one of the common formats in popular music. This duo released their […]

Petter O Hanna – Jazznytt

by Jan Granlie   RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK – June 2013 A beautiful experimental records from the duo Hanna Gjermundrød and Petter Vågan. This is the duo Petter O Hanna´s second release. It´s made in Ocean Sound Recordings at Giske, Sunnmøre. A place that obviously did wonders for the two musicians. Because “Rendition of a […]

Monkey Plot – Jazznytt

by Jan Granlie   I have to admit I´ve always liked young musicians that are not afraid to take a plunge into it, and make music that´s far removed from billboards or playlists on Wimp and Spotify. Monkey Plot is definitely one of these bands. With collective and relatively free improvisation they accompany us through […]

Monkey Plot – All About Jazz

by Eyal Hareuveni   The title of this debut album from young Norwegian trio Monkey Plot, Løv og lette vimpler (“leaves and light streamers” in Norwegian) suggests a glimpse into its impressive range. The musical vocabulary of these musicians—acoustic guitarist Christian Skår Winther, double bassist Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard (both members of the noisy, in-your-face punk-jazz […]

Cortex – Jazzwise

This debut from a young Norwegian quartet bursts into action with a braying, Ayler-esque tenor fanfare —an opening salvo that signals an aesthetic kinship with iconic mid-1960s New Thing recordings. Sure enough, it’s easy to hear echoes of Don Cherry’s high cornet whinnies in Thomas Johansson’s trumpet, and tracks like ‘Endorphin’ perfectly capture that declamatory, […]

Kristoffer Lo – Adressa (NO)

Soaring   Atmospheric and demanding, and not exactly easily digested. One track in one hour suggests, already before I´ve listened to the music, that this isn´t for everone. Kristoffer Lo has played around in the studio; he´s blown his horn and treated the sound along the way. It has become a beautiful, lofty, but also […]