Cortex – All About Jazz

Norway’s Cortex released its highly promising debut,Resection (Bolage), in 2011. The members of this high-octane quartet met during jazz studies in Trondheim, and began working as a band in 2007. Cortex follows the free jazz legacy of Ornette Coleman quartet with trumpeter Don Cherry, spicing it with wise, original compositions and uncompromising performances inspired by fellow powerful Scandinavian outfits […]

BOL/Westerhus/Snah in All About Jazz

Norwegian trio Bol has always been a melting pot of untimely sound worlds, poetic texts and fearless, improvising character. Vocalist Tone Åse experiments with live electronics and subtle interpretations of poems, as she did on her recent collaboration with drummerThomas Strønen, Voxpheria (Gigafon, 2012). Keyboardist Ståle Storløkken evokes progressive rock symphonies with his usage of vintage synthesizers, […]

BOL/Westerhus/Snah in MilkFactory

The mercurial affair that is Numb, Number results directly of its many parts, bringing together BOL, an improv trio formed of vocalist Tone Åse, keyboardist Ståle Storløkken, a regular with Supersilent, Elephant9 or Humcrush alongside Thomas Strønen, and drummer and percussionist Tor Haugerud, with guitarists Hans Magnus ‘Snah’ Ryan, known as one half of Motorpsycho, and Stian […]

Numb, Number in Nordische Musik

Numb, number (2012, Gigafon GIGA006) Whew! Disparate is not the word! To begin, we still out of hinted-bulky Blue singing into error, followed by a song track from intangible electronic debris – and in song number 3, just the only one from the pen of the famous for beaten keyboard improvisers Ståle Storløkken, you have to jump to […]

Voxpheria in Nordische Musik

According to the cover only the duo of Tone and Thomas Strønen Åse, “VOXPHERIA” de facto emerged significantly in the trio with Strønens Humcrush-duopartner Ståle Storløkken who recorded, mixed and produced. To that extent, this is a very similar board as recently “Ha!” Of Humcrush and Sidsel Endresen. But there are similarities in spite of significant differences […]

Voxpheria – New York City Jazz Record

“And what might tomorrow’s sound be, if you could hear it today? Enter a wormhole as you brave Norwegian Tone Åse’s new album Voxpheria (Gigafon), a semi-dissonant duo with percussionist Thomas Stronen. Åse is an unearthly, achingly soulful singer; the two improvise with raw, symbiotic melding of electronicized human and inanimate sound in expressive ‘singularity’. Åse […]

Volt/Revolt in Nordische Musik

With the debut album recorded in 2009, the trio Marvel Machine Gard Nilssen and Petter Vågan started Gigafon as “forward-thinking label” for “innovative, fresh and creative music in jazz and improvisational field.” Rune Nergaard is responsible for the absurd and bizarre cover designs. With the option to acquire the albums directly as downloads from the website would Gigafon “provide an easy […]

Tone Åse/Thomas Strønen – Jazzwise Magazine

Four stars!   Scandinavian duo: male drummer and female singer. Reminiscent of the Swedish husband and wife act Wildbirds and Peacedrums, then? Yes, occasionally: at moments, there´s a similar kind of skeletal Scandi soul. But at other moments, Voxpheria calls to mind Portishead and Susanna Wallumrød and Sidsel Endresen, but with a harder edge than any […]

Cortex – Göteborg – Dagbladet

A year and a half after the debut “Resection”, Cortex is back with the sequel, in so many words named “Göteborg” after the city where it was recorded. The fresh and kicking quartet still consist of Thomas Johansson, Kristoffer Berre Alberts, Ola Høyer and Gard Nilssen, and they take no hostages where they´re seething and […]

Cortex – Göteborg – Dagsavisen

Cortex II   “Flying start for Cortex” the title read last year when the band opened the jazz year with the album “Resection”, and it hasn´t slowed down since, every time the busy musicians have cleared their schedule for get on stage together. We´re talking about the band started by trumpet player Thomas Johansson in […]