BOL/ Westerhus/ Snah – Bergens Tidende

Best with free reins


The elctro acoustic improvisation collective BOL – with Tone Åse (vocals), Ståle Storløkken (keys) and Tor Haugerud (drums) as a basis – joined forces with the renowned guitarists Stian Westerhus and Snah during Trondheim Jazzfestival in 2010. The guitarists are known figures from Monolithic and Motorpsycho respectively. The result has turned in to a mix of lush soundscapes and rocked riffs that evolves around lyrics from famous poets.

The material changes between improvised and composed stretches – and even if it´s effective when the band bursts into a grooveinferno after a low-voiced and plucking try, the vocals partly falls through. It sound at times effective, crackling and noisy, but some times too well groomed for the album´s tight-worn-jeans-expression. The riffs on Western Wind doesn´t leave me convinced, and the heavy rock attitude doesn´t seem to be BOL´s strongest hand. All the while the collaboration offers several juicy fruits soundwise and poems by amongst others Rolf Jacobsen gives textual force to the project, and creates an interesting basis for the improvisations. Here, BOL has plenty of excess.

Stephan Meidell, Bergens Tidende