BOL / Westerhus / Snah – Side 2


«Meeting of masters


The boundless trio BOL has been visited by the equally boundless guitarists Stian Westerhus and Hans Magnus «Snah» Ryan. 


For over 10 years the collective BOL has existed, and every meeting thus far has told us that drummer Tor Haugerud, synth magician Ståle Storløkken and vocalist and electronicist Tone Åse always are on the look-out for new sceneries. Now that they´ve combined forces with guitarists Stian Westerhus, which in the last couple of years has broken more boundaries than most of us, and Motorpsycho´s Hans Magnus «Snah» Ryan, it´s pretty self-evident that the probability for «Numb, number» turning in to something of it´s own are present – in heaps. 


The starting point of this special collaboration was a festival project in Trondheim in 2010. Evidently everone thought the result so interesting that they wanted to continue the process in the studio. For that, all of us that weren´t there – and those who were – should be very grateful. 


The lyrics are borrowed from, amongst others, E.E. Cummings and english translations of the norwegian poets Olav H. Hauge and Rolf Jacobsen. No matter where it derives from,  Åse delivers a personal and warm rendition – with and without electronics and with and without help from the gentlemen on guitars. The songs range from gentle and open variants til pretty rocked and rough landscapes, and everyone of the five persons involved masters everything perfectly – which comes as no surprise.


Separately and together we´re dealing with some of Norway´s furthermost creative and searching musicians – musicians that couldn´t care less about genres and labels. That´s probably why most of the music they make turns out unique, exiting and cool.»

                                                                                          – Tor Hammerø, Side 2