Cortex – Göteborg – Dagbladet

A year and a half after the debut “Resection”, Cortex is back with the sequel, in so many words named “Göteborg” after the city where it was recorded.

The fresh and kicking quartet still consist of Thomas Johansson, Kristoffer Berre Alberts, Ola Høyer and Gard Nilssen, and they take no hostages where they´re seething and boiling in Johanssons songs like a combination of Art Ensemble of Chicago and Atomic with a dash of Mats Gustafsson on top.


Lovely bragging, noisy high energy jazz with sporadic 60s avantgarde, but still so deeply rooted in melody and pulse that it quickly reaches both feet, hips and head and has you in a firm grip until the last note. 


5 out of 6!


Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet