Erik Johannessen – Dagsavisen

«From the band Lord Kelvin we already know that Erik Johannessen has a taste for both scientific subjects and other departments, he´s gathered a long list of bands he´s collaborated with, in jazz, rock and pop; and when he releases his first album «Inkblots» in his own name, he calls it a free jazz album with both composed and improvised material, inspired by both physical and spiritual floating matter en masse. Joined by bassplayer Jon Rune Strøm, drummer Erik Nylander, and fellow tromboneplayer and idol Øyvind Brække as a guest on «Whale Song Sing-Along, «Jeff Smax» and Bill Frisell´s beautiful «Egg Radio» he delivers a tremendous debut album characterized by great musical scope. It all opens with the tromboneplayer who both blows and sings, then moves on to trio interplay at breackneck speed, it´s free, it´s beautifully melodious, the musicians speaks with their horns to each other, always on the edge of their seat, listening, in varying degrees of «freedom». While there are musician´s jokes about the trombone, the horn that made it´s entry to Jazz through Jack Teagarden and J . J . Johnson,  mainly commands respect. With ballast from Jaga Jazzist, Magic Pocket, Denada, Trondheim Jazzorchestra etc, Johannessen emerges with full force, interacting with musicians that make «Inkblots» a consistent product.

                                                                                                            – Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen