Kristoffer Lo – Adressa (NO)



Atmospheric and demanding, and not exactly easily digested. One track in one hour suggests, already before I´ve listened to the music, that this isn´t for everone. Kristoffer Lo has played around in the studio; he´s blown his horn and treated the sound along the way. It has become a beautiful, lofty, but also minimalistic and demanding solo album from the tubaplayer in Pelbo, amongst others.


As a listener you´re searching for progression and waiting for something to happen. While something does indeed happen, Kristoffer Lo takes his time. The first third of the album is exclusively long blasts that gradually alters resonance and intensity. In one moment appearing as a beautiful drone, in the next; quivering dissonance. Sometimes mildly disturbing, but never outright uncomfortable. Halfway in, the album changes character. The soundscape allows for more detail and the tension increases. But the big finale you are waiting for never comes, and that´s a good thing.


I like the fact that it´s a hard album to label. It turns my thoughts just as easily towards John Cale before meeting Lou Reed, as to newer eclectic bands that operate across genres like ambient, noise and metal, like american Sunn O))).


Best enjoyed with headphones.


– Kai Kristiansen, Adressa