Kristoffer Lo – Svenska Dagbladet

Brand new musical expressions are seldom  created in this age. Instead, we see a constant merging of existing approaches and genres to find partly new domains. In neighboring Norway one has for a long time achieved success in this way, also in such diverse areas as death metal, free jazz and art music. For the latter we´ll account the string duo Sheriffs of Nothingness, hammondorganist Daniel Formo and tuba player Kristoffer Lo, which all have released new discs on small but dedicated labels recently. With improvisation, movement and unconventional sounds they broaden the perspectives in an exciting way.


Kristoffer Lo brings the tuba to areas that are rarely visited and also raises questions about art´s true nature. With effect pedals and amps he distorts the language of the tuba to a slow and dark wail that´s not musically far from the groups SUNNO))) and Earth. A truly unique piece of music on the tuba.