Lord Kelvin – Dagbladet

«Lord Kelvin is way above absolute zero on their new cd»


«Lord Kelvin is – besides being the british 19th century mathematician and thermodynamicist behind the theory of abosolute zero- still saxophonist Eirik Hegdal, trombonist Erik Johannessen and drummer Gard Nilssen. «Radio Has No Future» is the trio´s second album and picks up the pace from 2009´s «Dances in the Smoke» with a lively set. 


The unusual line-up – no bass, no chord instruments except for some vibraphone (Nilssen) – moves in the range between hard grooves and fragile soundscapes, between melodies and «free blowing» and between bright and more subdued atmospheres.


Or: jazz, rock, chambermusic – seperate and all at once. 


The repertoire on this suitelike album are (naturally) composed by the trio´s members and equipped with titles that refers to the lord´s life and scientific deeds.  Still it´s nowhere near programme music, rather an original constellation of musicians that with skilled and intelligent interaction, way above the absolute zero, plays their way out from the way we usually perceive the trio format with zing, robust elegance, and a considerable amount of their inspirer´s lust for research as their driving force.»

                                                                                                – Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet