Lord Kelvin – Jazznytt (NO)

«William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (26.june 1824 – 17.desember 1907) was a mathematical physicist that performed a number of works in relation to thermodynamics. He was knighted by queen Victoria in 1892 to Lord Kelvin due to his effort to make a transatlantic telegraf line. The name Kelvin derives from the river Kelvin that runs through the university campus  in Glasgow. He was appointed honorary doctor at the Royal Fredriks University during the 100 years jubilee for Nils Henrik Abels birth in 1902. 


The Trio that´s named after the mathematical physicist has with «Radio has No Future» committed their second album, and I have to say a better follow-up doesn´t come around that often. With three of our decidedly most interesting musicians on their respective instruments, and with the energy at the boiling point through all 16 cuts, they have made one of this years finest jazz-recordings.


Eirik Hegdals saxophones and clarinet is urgently present throughout the album. Johannesens trombone shines at both ends, and Gard Nilssens energetic drumming really compliments the other musicians, and on this record he has to rank among the best in the world. Many of the songs have titles that can be associated with the blissful Lord Kelvin´s work. «The Transatlantic Cable»,»Automatic Curb Sender», «Radio…», «The Mirror Galvanometer», «Fourier Is a Mathematical Problem « and so forth. But you don´t have to be updated on the Kelvian studies to get your money´s worth when it comes to this music. It´s cool, hectic, enterprising and great from the get-go to the finish line. A solid bull´s eye from Hegdal, Johannesen and Nilssen.

It´s also important not to forget Rune Nergaard´s magnificent and particularly original coverart which can be found on all Gigafon-releases. It alone is worth the price.


                                                                                                        – Jan Granlie, Jazznytt