Lord Kelvin – Side 2

«Unique Trio»


The ingenuity and creativety with the growing norwegian jazz-generation seems to be borderless.


Lord Kelvin, hip name by the way, is a trio made up of saxophonist Eirik Hegdal, trombonist Erik Johannessen and drummer Gard Nilssen. Not only are they three of Harald and Sonja´s (norwegian royalty) further most exciting instrumentalists, composers and arrangers, but the instrumentation they´ve chosen for Lord Kelvin also results in an expression completely different from the better part of the recordings that has come my way. 


This didn´t come as a total surprise this time, because of their debut two years ago with «Dances in the Smoke» – which was a real revelation. Here, they pick up the thread on the new label Gigafon, and «Radio Has No Future» tells us that the band has evolved and still offers something personal and unique. 


We meet all three as composers, either separately or in various other constellations. They offer up 16 songs with a tremendus range from the intense and funky, to the moderately intense, airy and free. Some drumsongs – The titlesongs, divided into three pieces – only lasts for a couple of seconds while others are developed compositions with intricate arrangements. 


With a line-up like this, Lord Kelvin sounds totally different. It´s exciting and highly personal and I´ve got a feeling that it´s not only us, the listeners, that are sitting at the edge of our seats to pick up every detail – We´re also dealing with three exceptionally sharpened gentlemen in action. We´re treated to cool tempochanges that requires you to keep your nose to the grindstone to keep up, and the arrangements are of the usual high Hegdal-grade – just ask Dave Holland and Joshua Redman – even though the trio as a whole probably contributed there too. 


The music is cool, cunning, unique and at times überfunky. Lord Kelvin did it again!»

                                                                                               – Tor Hammerø, Side2