Marvel Machine – Aftenposten

«The suspense doesn´t seem to diminish at the Norwegian extreme boundaries

    A good disctinctive character to listen to


Developing their own language. The trio Marvel Machine is the first band to be released from the newly founded label Gigafon, who´s going after music within the field of jazz and improvisation. 


Guitarist Petter Vågan, Bassplayer Rune Nergaard and drummer Henning Carlsen has done a remarkably good job with encircling something personal and unique. A popularmagnetic field is running through the ever searching and challenging music. It alternates between sounding catchy and introspectively difficult. 


By Marvel Machine´s artistic hands, the threads are gathered and the listening experience made captivating. Distorted guitar, rhythmic clarity and electronic play are three of the defining markers, but there´s also room for coarse quietude. It is a demanding exercise to further develop the language within the rich gitartrio tradition and tell us something new, but that´s exactly what Marvel Machine displays the ability to do.»


                                                            – Arild R. Andersen, Aftenposten (N)