Marvel Machine – Dagbladet

«…Vågan´s guitar crackles, screams, growls and chops together with Rune Nergaard´s bass and Henning Carlsen´s drums, everything often in a heavily electronified form and probably with a high degree of improvisation.


In terms of genre Volt/Revolt is closer to electronic noise/industrial Rock/electronic soundscape-collage than jazz.


Their expression breaks off from conventional melodics/harmonics without compromise and instead they build free and rough sonic lapses. «Rimrocked» sounds like an electronic raga, other times Marvel Machine tightens their grip in backbeat and distorted outbursts that will inspire, fascinate or repell, depending on who´s listening. Potent stuff, but obsessive melodics and swingaddicts are hereby warned.»                


                                                                                -Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet (N)