Marvel Machine – Downtown Music Gallery

«Featuring Petter Vagan on guitar, Rune Nergaard on bass and Henning Carlsen on drums, with all three doubling on electronics. The fine Norwegian trio includes guitarist Petter Vagan who has played here at DMG and has worked with the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Bassist Rune Nergaard is also a member of Bushman’s Revenge who have a couple of discs out on Rune Grammofon. This is not a power trio, yet they do rock in part with odd electronic noises inserted in odd places. This trio sounds great when they rock out even with those bent noises dropped in. Marvel Machine sound like the original Massacre trio with Frith & Laswell from the early 1980’s. They even do that start & stop fractured blast with bits of howling feedback utilized. Tight, spirited and just a bit demented.»     


                                                                            – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery (US)