Marvel Machine – Jazzdimensions (DE)


«Marvel Machine – “Volt / Revolt


Music from Norway, but Marvel Machine does not play “Nordic Jazz”!

Quite the contrary, Petter Vågan, Rune Nergaard and Henning Carlsen is playing improvised music, but their approach is a kind of counter-model to what has been the norm for Jazz in Scandinavia over the past forty years.


With “Volt / Revolt” this debut album doesn´t only have a nice play on words to the title, but it really serves as a definition to what this trio does, addressing the issues between “electrical power” and “revolt”.The album begins with a sound that sounds like something in between a guitar, bass and percussion, which was electronically altered or revised so that it sounds like club music in the style of drum n ‘bass sounds.

This is roughly described their concept, with the Marvel Machine work: Improvised studio recordings are altered and revised to arise as completely denatured soundscapes.The manner of change and confusion these three Norwegians can do to “Volt / Revolt”, is monstrous. You can hardly classify what note comes from what source. Although there are artists who work similarly in the Techno scene, as for instance Aphex Twin or Squarepusher, Marvel Machine doesn´t sound like modern electronic music either.

Rather, “Volt / Revolt” developed out of jazz or jazz continues to be the foundation of this music. It is jazz, which goes to stranger or alienated ways and looks for a new field of work in the field of improvised music. That makes this debut album on the way to entirely new horizons which are difficult to define. In what direction is Marvel Machine headed with this album?

It´s clear that pure noise is not their thing, because their pieces are held together by a strong need for structure and control. And one thing is for certain, “Volt / Revolt” is troubling and disturbing.»


                                                                            –  Michael Freerix, Jazzdimensions (GE)