Marvel Machine – Jazznytt

With a hotchpotch of impro, electronica, metal of the heavy kind and with the electric bass tuned down a few fourths the new development “Marvel Machine” effectively clears away everything that stands in it´s way. The three confident jazzcomets from the Jazz course in Trondheim improvises forth an energetic album,  that sets out to find a composed sound from an improvised origin through short songs and great variety. They succeed from the get-go, with the Jaga Jazzist/Puma-like title-track they unite drum ´n bass, electronica, noise and ringmodulators to an impressive spontaneuous composition that deserves more than one spin in the record player. All the three members are sporting “electronics”, but precisely who´s responsible for what sound is impossible to identify. But Nergaards bowed bass in interplay with Vågan´s looped guitars on the meditative “Rimrocked” is impossible to misjudge. Perfectly performed, with just the right amount of snakes in paradise to create tension. Where the metalbeats take over (Plongcore, CircleKing) the stream of sound gets too unfocused for the trio to maintain their pretensions of a composed character, in spite of synchronized breaks during transit.

The focus comes back in full on the album´s final songs, where we´re reminded of Raoul Bjørkenheims “Scorch Trio” on the track “Shell Shock”, and of dusty spaghetti westerns and the band Huntsville on the conclusive “9 to 5 Rebel”. This is an album with many strongpoints, intersting twists and good intuitive feel for forms.


Svein Magnus Furu, Jazznytt