Volt/Revolt in Nordische Musik

With the debut album recorded in 2009, the trio Marvel Machine Gard Nilssen and Petter Vågan started Gigafon as “forward-thinking label” for “innovative, fresh and creative music in jazz and improvisational field.” Rune Nergaard is responsible for the absurd and bizarre cover designs. With the option to acquire the albums directly as downloads from the website would Gigafon “provide an easy way to find new, high quality music from Norway when the radio fatigue begins.” 

Marvel Machine, consists of guitarist Vågan and bassist Nergaard ( here with a completely different type of music than about the band Scent of Soil) and drummer Henning Carlsen who all extend their instruments with electronic processing. Their album with the Gigafon catalog number 1 is of a powerful and uncompromising (exclamation point) character. The title “VOLT / REVOLT” could not fit better. 

It would do them wrong, to classify them as jazz players or rockers, but the avant-drawer is equally misleading. Although they throw parts of all these genres into a pot, and also electronica, techno and noise elements, as on subsequent Gigafon albums, completely improvised. But one can imagine Marvel Machine best in the corner experimental pop corner of Animal Collective, Fuck Buttons etc:

Pop for the future.


Song quality: 4/6

Interpretation: 5/6

Sound: 5/6