Monkey Plot – Jazznytt

by Jan Granlie


I have to admit I´ve always liked young musicians that are not afraid to take a plunge into it, and make music that´s far removed from billboards or playlists on Wimp and Spotify.

Monkey Plot is definitely one of these bands. With collective and relatively free improvisation they accompany us through nine “songs”, drones or whatever you choose to call it.

The exciting thing about the band is that they employ acoustic guitar, that in some of the tracks foreshadow a sort of Country & Western feeling, but where they wriggle themselves skillfully away from it and make their very own kind of music.

Many will perhaps label this music together with the soundscape that guitarist Ivar Grydeland and drummer Ingar Zach brought to the scene, a kind of “Sofa”-music, but nonetheless, this is something of it´s own kind.

The three musicians show that they´re very familiar with this kind of music. They fantasize and develop the songs into something very exciting and entertaining.

Some might think that this is a freely improvised recording where somebody is puttering around with unorthodox ways of treating their instruments, so that, at least not I, can understand it. But that´s wrong.

Behind the free sequences of improvisation there´s a plan and a foundation that makes the music available, interesting and sometimes beautiful.

“Løv og lette vimpler”  is a mature debut from three developing musicians. They make modern, improvised music that comes across as more than understandable for those who dare to open their ears without prejudice.