Monsters and Puppets – Dagbladet

«From the jazzscene evolving around Trondheim comes Monsters and Puppets, a duo and an album where Maria Kannegaard and Thomas Strønen are both handling electronic effects in addition to their respective main instruments, fender rhodes and drums.


The freely improvised music is an intensive collage in nine parts/lapses where noise, distorted industrial sounds, pulses, rhythmical patterns, fragmented melodies and -lines and cascades of drumhits socialize in different tempoes and moods.


Like in all freejazz/impro, this is music that reveals itself only after listening to it with so much concentration that a sense of logic and order emerges from what meets the ear. Strønen is also the drummer of Maria Kannegaard Trio, and the pair knows eachothers musical behaviour well enough to communicate seamlessly with nuance and with sonic exitement in this partly abstract soundscape where the energy is the big common denominator and no sound necessarily what is first appears to be.»

                                                                                           – Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet