Monsters and Puppets – Dagsavisen

«Monster Duo»


«On her way to Kongsberg Jazzfestival where Maria Kannegaard Trio and guests will be playing her «awardwinner» concert this thursday, pianist Kannegaard and drummer Thomas Strønen have released their first album as the duo Monsters and Puppets. Launched as «lo-fi rock meets electronica and free improvisation». The recording is done in the studio without any planning in advance, but Strønen/Kannegaard have been playing together since 1997, and with that kind of history, it´s easy to conjure up natural interplay, no matter what instruments they equip themselves with. In this case it´s Fender Rhodes, drums and electronica that takes us on a trumendous musical monster-ride, increasing in strength through nine numbered tracks and thirtyeight minutes. The duo arose after a successful spontaneous concert in Molde, and Kannegard/Strønen does deliver, without the need for monstermasts.»

                                                                                         – Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen