Monsters and Puppets – Side 2

“Personal Conversations

(5 out of 6)


Maria Kannegaard and Thomas Strønen knows each other well. That´s easy to hear.


Pianist – in this case the electric version – and electronicist Maria Kannegaard and drummer and electronicist Thomas Strønen has known each other since they met up at the famous jazzline in Trondheim in the mid nineties. Since then they´ve often collaborated, much of it in trioes with either Mats Eilertsen or Ole Morten Vågan handling the bass, but in connection with Moldejazz a couple of years ago they were given the opportunity to explore the duoformat as well. They´ve continued this format with the release they´ve named “Monsters and Puppets”.


Monsters and Puppets brought along the energy straight from the concert in Molde and in to the studio, where they´ve managed to continue the magic from their debut concert in every way. What we´re faced with here, like in Molde, is nine spontaneously conceived soundscapes inspired by everything ranging from rock, noise, electronica and free jazz. Which all together adds up to a totally unique journey.


The communication between the two resides at a superior level. They know they can embark on excursions that noone else would dare follow them on, but here we find empathy and trust of the rare kind that leads to musical conversations we´ve never been exposed to earlier, and which in all likelyhood we´ll never be exposed to again. 


Maria Kannegaard and Thomas Strønen are two highly uncompromising musicians. “Monsters and Puppets” stands as another shining example of this fact. Cool, different and highly personal.”

                 – Tor Hammerø, side 2