Petter O Hanna – Jazznytt

by Jan Granlie



A beautiful experimental records from the duo Hanna Gjermundrød and Petter Vågan.

This is the duo Petter O Hanna´s second release. It´s made in Ocean Sound Recordings at Giske, Sunnmøre. A place that obviously did wonders for the two musicians. Because “Rendition of a Whisper” is a beautiful experimental records, a record the duo can be very proud of.

The music is vocal/guitar based and everything is improvised forth in the studio, without “real” lyrics, but with a wordless song that spans from something resembling mediaeval ballads (where many voices is layered on top of each other), via more straight-up “folk songs” to experimental stretches where they both meet the great challenge such experiments pose.

In this case I feel the musicians both land safely with all feet on the ground. The improvisations are varied and there´s an exciting development within every song, and between songs as a whole.

Gjermundrød possesses a light voice which she utilizes for all it´s worth, both when she sings “alone”, or where she layers her voice. Vågan is a creative guitarist, that does many interesting things with the “rep”, and he never tries to showcase everything he knows about technical speed runs. The most important thing is the entirety of the music.