Tone Åse & Thomas Strønen – Adressa

«Vocals and drums in new landscapes»

5 out of 6


«Supple vocals and rhytmic electronics combines into a higher unity


Vocalist Tone Åse and drummer Thomas Strønen, who both belong to the jazz scene in Trondheim, has separately been very active in different settings. Now they´ve joined forces in a duo that displays their talents in a fascinating way.

Tone Åse has always been a vocalist that´s more than willing to experiment. Much like Eldbjørg Raknes and other colleagues within the same generation, 

she´s explored the possibilities of the human voice, often utilizing electronics and sampling. This album is no exception in that regard. Distorted, vowel-like sounds goes hand in hand with powerful presentations of lyrics by Rolf Jacobsen and E.E.Cummings. This time, because she´s brought along Thomas Strønen as an equal partner, the result comes off as more accesible than before.

Strønen provides a strong rhytmic element, using both drums and electronics. This makes parts of this album tight and almost funky, in a very appealing way. Some sections actually gives me assosiations to artists like Tom Waits and Talking Heads, even though Åse and Strønen resides in a totally different genre. 

Voxpheria does offer some more stationary soundscapes, but they never last for so long that it gets monotone. This album perfectly exemplifies that it´s possible to make new soundscapes using traditional instruments like vocals and drums.

                                                                                                     – Trygve Lundemo, Adressa