Tone Åse & Thomas Strønen – Bergens Tidende

Pling-plong and backbeat in perfect union


Vocalist Tone Åse (BOL, Trondheim Voices) and drummer Thomas Strønen (FOOD, Humcrush) have combined forces and formed an eclectic electro improvisatory duo that trips up genre estetics and other “pure” nonsense. The electronic vocal manipulations by Tone Åse concludes in powerful lyrics from the poets Rolf Jacobsen and E. E. Cummings, and the sound processing is a surprising mixture of old and new. At times we hear effects from the 90´s techno scene, other times modern cut and paste techniques that ´s reminiscent of drills and jammed, chattering machines. Strønen accompanies refreshingly, also with live electronics in a similar spectrum, and with rhythms that sways unusually rhythmic for this to be improvised music. Pling Plong and backbeat have finally found eachother. Occasionally the music inhabits a terrain that´s a bit too safe and well chartered, that´s especially true in the softest parts of the album, but overall we fell the mark of a strong collaboration on a little, norwegian record label worth noticing.


Stephan Meidell, Bergens Tidende