Tone Åse & Thomas Strønen – Dagbladet


«From their own unique soundscape, Tone Åse and Thomas Strønen brings «Voxpheria», improvisation for voice and drums with lyrics by amongst others Rolf Jacobsen and E.E. Cummings. 

Is´t an album that doesn´t just invite to- but demands – full concentration from it´s listeners when the voice, partly manipulated, imparts lyrics and word-alike vocalsounds in harmony with beats, pulses and sound colours. 


There is no answer book on how to approach this music; you´re either hooked and lured in to the multicoloured, audiosculpturalroom that Åse/Strønen builds with both subtle and tangible moves, or the door´s slammed in your face pretty fast.»

                                                                                                        – Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet