Tone Åse/Thomas Strønen – Jazzwise Magazine

Four stars!


Scandinavian duo: male drummer and female singer. Reminiscent of the Swedish husband and wife act Wildbirds and Peacedrums, then? Yes, occasionally: at moments, there´s a similar kind of skeletal Scandi soul. But at other moments, Voxpheria calls to mind Portishead and Susanna Wallumrød and Sidsel Endresen, but with a harder edge than any of them: a less dance Björk or a less rock Radiohead. There may be only two musicians on the album, but both are panoramic in outlook. Åse might do anything from spoken word to fragments of song; Strønen is just as likely to explore abstract, sometimes jarring soundscapes as he is to play a beat. The tone is sometimes chilly, even robotic, thanks to the heavy use of electronics, but there are also moments of stalactite frailty. The result is mangled music, made by a combination of man and machine, that – a great compliment, this – could only have been made in 2012.


Marcus O´Dair  – Jazzwise Magazine, september 2012