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Marvel Machine – Silver Sun, Ember Sky



Product Description

Marvel Machine is an instrumental power trio that through electronica, rock, noise, impro and ambient has wound up with a method for improvising forth analog electronica. In contrast to their debut album Volt/Revolt the sequel Silver Sun, Ember Sky is more precise, goes deeper and longer in its attempt to spontaneously compose electronica. Three musicians with different backgrounds and musical baggage meet in neutral territory and there and then creates their own dreamlike musical landscape. If you don ́t want to peel that many layers, Ember Sky, Silver Sun is a warm and inviting electronica album that easily can be the soundtrack of your daydreams.

With Petter Vågan (The Fjords, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra) on guitar, Rune Nergaard (Bushmans Revenge, Montée) on bass and Henning Carlsen on drums you get an outfit that brings you their own take on contemporary music, bridging the gap between the pop format and improvised music.


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