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Monkey Plot – Løv og lette vimpler



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Dancing wood, ringing bronze and the sound of resin on horsehair. “Løv og lette vimpler” (meaning leaves and light streamers) is the title of the norwegian trio Monkey Plot’s debut album. It was recorded in the living room to free jazz pioneer Frode Gjerstad. With its simplicity, organic sound and structure, their music can be seen as a contrast to the consumer society. It breaks the barriers of genre definitions, but draws inspiration from different kinds of folk music, acoustic icons as Neil Young and Nick Drake, and the experimental noise, improvisation and jazz scene.

Monkey Plot is a Norwegian band that plays acoustic improvised music on their own terms. After four years of study at the Norwegian Academy of Music, they have today, together and in other constellations(Karokh, Ich Bin N!ntendo and PGA), distinguished theirselves as a strong newcomers on the Norwegian creative music scene.



Christian Winther – acoustic guitar

Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard – double bass

Jan Martin Gismervik – drums and percussion


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