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Vertex/ Dörner/ Neumann – sustain ability



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The impro duo Vertex with Petter Vågan (acoustic guitar, lapsteel and electronics) and Tor Haugerud (drums and signal generators) have coupled up with their german allies Axel Dörner (trumpet and electronics) and Andrea Neumann (inside piano and electronics). The result, sustain ability, has now come to life through a recording from Emanuel Vigeland ́s Mausoleum. The mausoleum is a spectacular room with acoustics with a reverberation time of over 20 seconds and a cellar cold and dimly lit atmosphere.

The cooperation with Dörner and Neumann came into being after Haugerud had a longer stay
in Berlin where he learned to know these outstanding artists musically . This resulted in two long tours in Europe and Scandinavia and the live recording of the concert in the Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum. The quartet conjures up an electroacoustic soundscape with exceptional instruments like the inside of a piano, old signal generators, lapsteelguitar and trumpet processed through computer programs. Along with the acoustic instruments this provides a wide range and variety
of expression. Sustain ability captures both the fine interplay between the quartet and the totality of the music in that particular room. The quartet has strived to play on the room’s materiality and sound, and let this be an element that is being deliberately brought into the music. The album displays the slow musical structures, passages that develops slowly and occationally dissolves time. Sustain ability emphasizes the lasting musical structures without compromising contrast or the surprising whims.



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